Lawn Insect Control


Protection for Your Peace of Mind

Picture this: a lush, thriving lawn that beckons your family and pets to play freely. But beneath the surface, unseen threats lurk—grubs, billbugs, chinchbugs, ants, fleas, and ticks—ready to wreak havoc on your lawn and your outdoor fun.

Now, imagine a solution that helps shield against turf-damaging insects and nuisance pests. As part of our VitaminLawn Program, Lawn SquadTM's Surface Insect Control is your answer, delivering peace of mind and helping to safeguard your loved ones. But that's just the beginning. Join us as we explore how our pest control solutions can transform your outdoor haven into an oasis.


Why Choose Lawn Squad for Surface Insect Control?

When you opt for Lawn Squad's comprehensive Surface Insect Control program, you're taking the first step toward defending your lawn against turf-damaging insects and bothersome pests. Rest easy knowing your lawn will be shielded from unwanted insect pests. 

How Does It Safeguard Your Family from Fleas and Ticks?

Fleas and ticks, including the notorious Black-Legged Tick, thrive in your outdoor spaces, patiently awaiting their next host. While using sprays and repellents can provide some protection, applying our specialized barrier treatment in your lawn, where your children and pets frolic, can help reduce the risk of bites.

The Lawn Grub Control Solution

Do you want to enjoy a lush, vibrant lawn without the threat of grubs and insects? Lawn SquadTM has a solution that can help.

The right lawn grub control solution can make all the difference. As an option in our VitaminLawn Program, the team at Lawn Squad applies treatments that help eliminate grub activity and restore your lawn's health. We'll follow up with you to ensure that the job is done and treat further if necessary.

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