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The Organic Myth

July 26, 2021

Organic fertilizer is better than synthetic, fact or myth?

Organic fertilizer is better than synthetic, fact or myth?

Whether your fertilizer decision is driven by concern for your family’s safety, effects on the environment, or perhaps both, there’s usually less of a focus on the results you can expect to see. As with any type of lawn care technique, you want to be sure you’re getting the best results for your value. So when it comes to choosing a fertilizer, does organic always mean better?

Organic Fertilizer

The words “organic” or “natural” simply mean that the product is only minimally processed, and the nutrients are in their natural forms. 

Organic fertilizer is made up of natural ingredients that are derived from plant and animal sources. They are used as a probiotic that improves the soil and your lawns health. As organic fertilizers break down, they release nutrients and improve the structure of the soil, increasing its ability to hold water and nutrients.

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

Not only is organic fertilizer more expensive, but you’re far more likely to play the waiting game when it comes to seeing results. The fertilizer breaks down according to nature, so it may not release nutrients as soon as you need them. This can effect the results you see in your lawn.

When putting organic fertilizer down, it may not even take for you to see results. In order for it to work there are a few things that need to happen. Many of the nutrients that are released, must be digested, and converted back into the nutrients that the soil can absorb. This can be a slow process and if there is limited microbial activity in your lawn, there’s little opportunity for the organic fertilizer to take effect and give results.

Synthetic Vs. Organic

Synthetic is a slow-release fertilizer that helps lawns receive nutrients over time at a gradual speed. It does not force any fast growth that isn’t natural, which will help put less stress on your lawn in the long run. Not only is using synthetic fertilizer a faster process than using organic fertilizer, but using this type of fertilizer will get you the best results.

Most importantly, synthetic fertilizer releases the same organic elements as organic does. It is still made up of natural supplements, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The main difference is that synthetic fertilizer has a coating on them so that they are released in a gradual measurable manner.

Most people choose organic because they think it is better for the environment and the safest when it comes to children and pets, but this is a myth. Synthetic fertilizer produces better results for your lawn and is actually better for the environment. Provided you have a professional spreading the products according to laws and regulations, synthetic fertilizer is completely safe for your children, pets, and lawns.

(Pro tip: You want to avoid using quick-release fertilizers because although you may see results faster, your lawn receives a rush of nutrients all at once and then suddenly none at all. This affects the overall health of the lawn, and soon the results that you were seeing will quickly disappear).

Organic Does Not Mean Safer

When it comes to treating your lawn, you have every right to question which fertilizer is best, especially regarding chemicals you’re putting down where your loved ones play. After all, you want to be sure it is safe. The good news is, you don’t have to choose between picking the product that will give you the best results or the choosing the product that will be the safest. 

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