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Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

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When springtime arrives in Columbus, homeowners dream of a lush, vibrant lawn. At Lawn SquadTM, we're here to help make that dream a reality. Our comprehensive lawn fertilization and weed control services, included in our VitaminLawn Program, are designed to help nurture your lawn, helping to ensure it stays healthy and beautiful.

Fertilization: Nourishing Your Lawn 

For your lawn and plants to flourish, they need the right balance of nutrients. Our premium fertilization services help deliver these essential nutrients while also helping to suppress pesky weed growth. At Lawn Squad, we exclusively use top-tier, granular fertilizers, the same quality you'd find on a golf course.

Weed Control: Reclaim Your Yard

Weeds can be a relentless nuisance, marring the beauty of your landscape and posing risks to your family and pets. Lawn Squad employs a multi-pronged strategy to help tackle weed problems, which can help restore your yard’s health.


Weed Control: A Greener Tomorrow

At Lawn Squad, we understand the importance of lawn fertilization and weed control in helping maintain a healthy, vibrant lawn. Let our team of professionals work their magic and help you enjoy a lawn that continues to thrive year after year. Join the ranks of satisfied homeowners in Columbus who proudly say, "I love my lawn!"


Unlock Your Lawn’s Potential

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    Thicker, Greener Grass: Our fertilization and weed control services can help your grass grow denser and lusher, making it the envy of the neighborhood.
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    More Stress-Resistant Turf: Our services help bolster your lawn to withstand the rigors of the seasons.
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    Improved Soil Structure: Our treatments not only help nourish your grass but also help enhance your overall soil quality.
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    Fewer Dangers from Unwanted Weeds: By helping eliminate weeds, we help eliminate competition for your lawn and help create a safer environment for your family and pets.
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