Aeration & Overseeding

The Power of Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is like a breath of fresh air for your turf. It can help revive compressed soil, promoting robust root growth, and creating the ideal conditions for a lush carpet of grass. At Lawn Squad™ of Columbus, we’re proud to offer lawn aeration and overseeding as an option to help your lawn be the best it can be. Here's how it works:

Small Holes, Big Impact

Our professional technicians carefully create thousands of tiny holes in your lawn. These pockets help act as nurturing spaces for new seed and help encourage root development. This helps moisture and nutrients to flow directly to the roots, helping your lawn to thrive like never before.

Core Aeration vs. Dethatching

While dethatching may seem tempting, it potentially damages the crowns of your lawn’s grass, which can lead to more problems down the line. Core aeration, on the other hand, helps to safely remove thatch while providing a welcoming environment for decomposing organic plant matter. This process can help enrich your turf's root system with valuable nutrients.


Aeration + Overseeding + Starter Fertilizer - The Secret to a Denser Turf

Combine aeration with overseeding and starter fertilizer, and you've got a winning formula. A denser turf can help choke out unwanted weeds, helping to give your lawn the upper hand.


The Potential Benefits of Lawn Aeration

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    Relief of Compressed Soil: Especially beneficial for high clay areas, aeration helps loosen the soil and lets your lawn breathe.
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    Stimulates Proper Root Growth: Stronger roots mean a stronger lawn and help your grass flourish.
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    Create Pockets for Food and Water: Helps deliver essential nourishment directly to the roots.
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    Dethatches Safely: Say goodbye to thatch without harming your lawn's grass crowns.
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