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TruGreen vs. The Local Guys

January 14, 2021

When looking to choose a lawn care company best suited for you, you want it to offer quality service, a fair price, and quality products. But choosing the best lawn care company isn’t an easy decision. Although national and local lawn care companies offer similar services, there is more to consider.

Should you go with one of the first company’s to appear on Google search, such as TruGreen, or should you look for the “best lawn care company near me” and look into a smaller, locally owned company? The decision can be overwhelming and not always easy, but there are some things to consider that may help you with your decision.

Customer Service

A well known national company such as TruGreen offers similar services that local lawn care companies do, the difference is they perform the services across the country. When you are a paying customer you want to be able to speak to someone if you have any questions or concerns in your lawn and a national company may make that difficult.

Each office of theirs is run by individual branch managers, resulting in possible inconsistencies in the quality of customer care and service. Whereas a local company, has one main office where customer support, sales, branch managers, and the owner, all work together to offer the best quality service to their community.

Because TruGreen has multiple offices, it can be difficult to reach upper management, or come to any solution to a problem or concern. With a local service, the upper management and the owner are both present in the office, so customer service has the ability to go directly to them with any concerns they may be having so that they can come up with a solution and offer the best quality of care they can.

The Technicians

A local lawn care company works directly in your area and surrounding areas, so you become familiar with your “team” and the technician that is assigned to your city.

The reason for this is, it allows your technician to become familiar with your lawn, helping to solve any lawn problems that may appear during the season. This also allows the customers to build a trusting relationship with the company and technician, so if there are any problems that appear, they can easily go to them to resolve the issue.

A local lawn care service also has the benefit of speaking directly with a specific technician within a moment’s time. So if you did have a problem with your tech, spot a lawn disease, or any other concerns, customer service would be able to speak with them and get the right answer for you based around your specific lawn.

Local Lawn Care Knowledge

If you’re still not sure whether or not a national company like TruGreen or a local company is for you, consider your environment. TruGreen offers a national program to each of their customers, regardless of their different environments. A customer who lives in Texas, receives the same program as someone who lives in Ohio. Both have a very different climate and soil, but yet have the same program. Whereas a local lawn care service has a program based specifically on their area. They know their community lawns a lot better than a national company. 

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