Pesky Lawn-Damaging Bugs

It’s not just the distinctive “C” shape they take on when disturbed that defines lawn grubs; it's the havoc they can wreak on your beautiful landscape. 

These underground creatures reside just a few inches below the soil's surface, on the lookout for anything to fuel their appetite. Unfortunately, this often leads them straight to your lawn’s grass roots, causing unsightly brown patches.

Recognizing the Signs of Grubs

Have you spotted stubborn brown patches that refuse to turn green in the spring? It's a potential red flag, that could be a sign of grubs feasting during the previous fall. And if you've seen signs of birds, raccoons, or skunks digging in your lawn, it could be a sign they are after these destructive pests.


Our Professional Lawn Grub Control Solution

The good news? Lawn SquadTM of Cleveland has your back. As an option in our VitaminLawn Program, our grub control treatments help control these destructive insects, and revitalize your lawn's health. But we don't stop there – we'll stay in touch and treat further if needed.


The Potential Benefits of Choosing Lawn Grub Control

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    Maintain a Healthy Lawn: Help control and keep your grass plants healthy.
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    Prevent Unsightly Bare Spots: Help prevent the bare patches and brown spots that grubs leave behind.
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    Help Protect Against Unwanted Lawn Visitors: Tackling grubs could also help deter other critters from turning your lawn into their buffet and causing further damage.
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