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Aeration & Overseeding

Unlock the Power of Aeration

When it comes to rejuvenating your lawn, nothing works wonders quite like aeration. Thousands of tiny holes are taken out of your lawn, creating pockets that help encourage healthier roots and fresh, new grass growth. These openings allow moisture to better penetrate deep into the root system, helping your lawn receive the nutrients it craves to thrive.

Core Aeration vs. Dethatching

The old-school method of dethatching potentially risks damaging the crown of the grass plant, which could lead to more dead grass. Core aeration, on the other hand, provides a welcoming environment for organic matter to decompose, to help nourish your turf's root system.


Aerate, Overseed & Fertilize For Quality Results

Combine aeration with overseeding and starter fertilizer for a more dense, luxurious lawn that helps chokes out weeds and unsightly grass varieties. The Lawn Squad way is all about creating the healthiest lawn possible.


The Core Aeration Potential Benefits Unveiled

Wondering what happens during aeration? It's simpler than you might think! Our process:

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    Relief of Compressed Soil: Especially beneficial for high-clay areas, aeration helps breath life back into your soil.
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    Stimulates Root Growth: Root systems thrive in the newly created pockets, reaching out for nourishment.
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    Direct Delivery of Nutrients: Moisture and nutrients have a better chance of reaching your grass’ roots through these micro-openings.
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    Safe Dethatching: Unlike traditional dethatching, our method is gentle yet effective.
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Ready to witness the potential transformation? Let Lawn Squad be your partner on the journey to a thicker, healthier lawn. With years of experience and industry knowledge, our goal is to deliver results that will help you fall in love with your lawn all over again.