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Professional vs. DIY Lawn Care: Which is right for you?

March 28, 2024

For many of us homeowners, the arrival of spring brings back the desire for a lush, healthy, well-kept yard. It’s the where your kids play, your friends gather on, and it makes your home look…like home should. But as any homeowner knows, the path to lawn flourishing is far from just water, sun, and a little luck—there’s work (and science) involved. Should you entrust your lawn’s care to the green-thumbed professionals, or is this a craft you’re ready to take on yourself?

Factors to Consider

Before you pull out your seed spreader OR the business card of your local lawn care company, it’s important to take a walk around your potential pride and joy. Take stock of your space, free time, and budget:

Lawn Size: Is your lawn a postage stamp, a small estate, or somewhere in between? A smaller yard may feel intimate and manageable, perhaps even a challenge you relish tackling. A bigger green space requires more time and resources.

Available time: Do you yearn for a Sunday afternoon of outdoor lawn care or does the very idea stress you out? Time spent on the lawn is time not spent elsewhere.

Budget: Unsurprisingly, a well-cared-for lawn takes greenbacks. DIY care often means buying your own materials and tools, whereas a professional adds a line item to the budget but potentially spares you costly mistakes.

The Art and Economy of DIY Lawn Care

There’s an undeniable charm in being the keeper of your own land. It’s not for everyone, but if you know (you are), you know. Here are the key benefits:

  • Cost savings: An upfront investment in tools, fertilizers, and materials may seem steep, but it’s likely to save some money over the long-term.
  • Personal satisfaction: Witnessing the fruits of your labor is satisfying. Show it off to the neighbors, drop a humble brag in conversation—you’ll deserve it.
  • Control Over Products Used: You determine the science you’re applying to your lawn, and get to choose from a variety of products available on the market. It is a science, however, so you’ll need to carefully read product labels and apply correctly and consistently.

The Professional Lawn Whisperer

Professional services bring a level of expertise that transforms lawn care into an art form with consistent, excellent results. The benefits of going pro are two-fold:

Expertise: Professional technicians understand soil conditions and know how to fix mineral imbalances. They have years of experience in nurturing and growing healthy, beautiful lawns. They understand local grass types and the challenges that can arise (sometimes literally, out of the ground).

Time-Saving Convenience: For many homeowners, this is the deciding factor: they’d rather spend their time enjoying their lawn than working on it.

Consistent Results: As we mentioned before, lawn care is very much a science. Doing it right means enjoying great results; doing it incorrectly can yield frustration and added cost.

It’s about…You

Deciding whether to use professional lawn care services or do it yourself isn’t only about your yard — it’s a decision about how you want to spend your time and resources. Whether you enjoy kicking back and admiring a well-kept lawn or you prefer the hands-on experience of managing your own grass, the decision is entirely up to you.

Think of the pro route as hiring a buddy to keep your yard in tip-top shape while you handle other important things. Alternatively, if you love getting your hands dirty, imagine your lawn as a personal project, a reflection of your hard work and dedication.

Different folks have different preferences, and that’s okay. But the one thing we all share? A love for beautiful, green lawns. As to how you achieve that, well, that’s a discussion people have been having for years.

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