Our Cleveland Lawn SquadTM Team

Our Lawn Care Team

Cleveland’s Trusted Lawn Care Team

At Lawn Squad, our team is not just passionate about lawns; we're passionate about your lawn. Get to know the faces behind the care and discover why we're your lawn's best friends in Cleveland.

Matt Stringer
Matt Stringer serves as Regional Operations Manager at Lawn Squad of Cleveland. Matt joined our company in 2018, leveraging three decades of expertise in the green industry. Born and raised in Northern Ohio, he combines local knowledge with extensive industry experience to excel in his role. He is committed to providing top-notch service, ensuring Lawn Squad leaders use effective business techniques, team members stay educated and certified, and we employ the latest equipment to deliver unparalleled results. When Matt is not leading his team, he is a devoted father that embraces his free time with his 2 children.
Stefan Moody
Stefan Moody, currently serving as Training Manager, has been an invaluable asset to the company for 12 years. Beginning as a technician and swiftly rising to his current role, he works closely with technicians, providing education and training to ensure the delivery of the high-quality work that our customers expect at each visit. When he is not at work you can find Stefan honing his skills on the golf course.
Mike Mandak
Mike Mandak is serving as Production Manager. Mike leverages 35 years of expertise in the green industry, including 18 years as a golf course superintendent and 15 years as a Production Manager for a lawn care distributor. Having joined our team two years ago, Mike is dedicated to streamlining production processes and maintaining top-quality service within our program timelines, ensuring our customers consistently receive the highest level of satisfaction. Outside of work, Mike enjoys cruising the shores of Lake Erie.
Angelo Gorfido
Angelo began his journey with Lawn Squad five years ago as a technician and quickly moved to the role of Account Manager. Angelo meets with our customers daily to address their needs and concerns, offering solutions that he either implements himself or delegates to a specialized technician. With a remarkable 19 years of experience in the lawn care industry, his dedication and expertise have been instrumental in delivering exceptional service to our clients. Angelo is a devoted family man who enjoys his free time with his loving wife and 5 children.

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