Home Perimeter Pest Control

Help Defend Your Home, Inside and Out

Your residence is meant to be a sanctuary, a place of ease and tranquility. However, when bothersome insects find their way inside, the atmosphere can quickly turn unpleasant. Ants, spiders, potato bugs, and even the deceitful Asian lady beetles (yes, the ones that bite!) can infiltrate your space through openings around the base of your home.

That’s where our Home Perimeter Pest Control Program comes in to help save the day. At Lawn Squad™ of Cincinnati, we are dedicated to assisting you in reclaiming your home from these unwelcome intruders. Our skilled technicians will visit your residence equipped with top-notch pest-fighting solutions, establishing an effective shield around your home. 

Highlights of Lawn Squad's Home Perimeter Pest Control Program

At Lawn Squad, we're committed to helping you repel unwanted insects from your home, and our Home Perimeter Pest Control Program is designed to deliver just that. Here are the key benefits of choosing this program:

  • Help Reclaim Your Home from Insect Invaders!

Help prevent unwelcome visitors and take back control of your home with our Home Perimeter Pest Control program. It's designed to help safeguard your living space from bothersome bugs.

  • A Comprehensive Solution

Our professional treatment helps manage various pests and helps safeguard your home against a spectrum of insects attempting to invade.

  • No More Bait, No More Mess

With Lawn Squad of Cincinnati, there's no need to scatter unattractive baits within your home. Our treatments are exclusively applied to the exterior.

  • Help Shield Your Home from Pesky Bugs 

We concentrate on fortifying the exterior of your home, where pests frequently try to infiltrate. Count on us to help safeguard your space without disrupting your daily life.


Help Protect Your Home and Family with Our Perimeter Pest Control Program

Choosing Lawn Squad's Home Perimeter Pest Control Program means  convenience, and help with pest control. Our commitment to help safeguard your home and family from unwanted insect pests is at the core of what we do. Experience the difference today with Lawn Squad.
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