Help Protect Your Lawn from Unwanted Intruders

At Lawn SquadTM of Cincinnati, we know that a thriving lawn requires protection against damaging grubs. Our Grub Control services are designed to help safeguard your green paradise, ensuring it remains healthy, and lush.

Recognizing the Signs of Grubs

Have you noticed persistent brown patches that resist turning green in the spring or the distinctive “C” shaped larvae under your turf? This could be a potential warning sign, indicating that grubs may have feasted in the preceding fall. Additionally, if you've observed birds, raccoons, or skunks digging in your lawn, it could be an indication that they are targeting the tasty buffet of these harmful pests.

Lawn Squad’s Grub Control Solution

The positive news? Lawn Squad of Cincinnati is here for you. As an optional part of our VitaminLawn Program, our treatments for grub control assist in managing these harmful insects and rejuvenating your lawn's well-being. And our commitment doesn't end there – we'll remain in contact and administer additional treatments if necessary.


The Potential Benefits of Choosing Lawn Grub Control

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    Maintain a Healthy Lawn: Assist in managing and maintaining the health of your grass plants.
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    Prevent Unsightly Bare Spots: Assist in preventing the bare patches and brown spots left by grubs.
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    Help Protect Against Unwanted Lawn Visitors: Addressing grubs may also discourage other creatures from transforming your lawn into their mealtime feast, averting additional damage.
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