Cincinnati & NORTHERN KENTUCKY Lawn Care Services

Take Care of Your Lawn

At Lawn SquadTM, we're committed to providing a comprehensive suite of top-tier lawn care services designed to help transform your Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky lawn into a green paradise. Explore our range of professional offerings and discover how we can help elevate the health and beauty of your outdoor space.

Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control
Achieve a lush, vibrant lawn with the help of the custom fertilization treatments in our VitaminLawn Programs. Our professional service technicians tailor plans to help meet your lawn's unique needs, complemented by targeted weed control to help ensure your grass thrives.
Aeration & Overseeding
Help improve your lawn's health with aeration and overseeding services. Help enhance root development, promote better air circulation, and enjoy a denser, more luxurious lawn.
Grub Control
Help protect your lawn from damaging  grubs with our specialized grub control solutions, included as an option in our VitaminLawn Program. We'll help keep your grass safe and thriving.
Home Perimeter Pest Control
Extend our professionalism beyond your lawn with our Home Perimeter Pest Control service. Help safeguard your home against unwelcome insect intruders like ants, and spiders.
Flea & Tick Control
Help ensure the safety of your loved ones, including your furry friends, with our flea and tick control services. Enjoy your outdoor space without worry.
Lawn Surface Insect Control
At Lawn Squad, we don’t want surface insects to wreak havoc on your outdoor fun or turn your lawn into a buffet. Included in our VitaminLawn program, our surface insect control service is crafted to help deter pests like fleas, ticks, ants, spiders, chinch bugs, and armyworms. Our surface insect control treatments will help keep your grass shielded from unwelcome insect intruders.

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At Lawn Squad, we're not just about providing services; we're about helping you nurture the natural beauty of your outdoor space. Our team of professionals is dedicated to understanding your unique needs and designing solutions that deliver exceptional results. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and embark on the journey to a healthier, more beautiful lawn.