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Broadleaf Weeds Are Stealing From You

May 3, 2023

Broadleaf Weeds Are Stealing From You

Broadleaf Weeds Are Stealing From You

You have a thief right there in your own lawn!

Broadleaf weeds are ugly to look at, they stick out like a sore thumb in your lawn. Dandelions, chickweed, and clover are the most common types of weeds that are usually seen in our area, but really any plant can be considered a weed if it is unwanted in that area of your lawn. These weeds not only hurt the appearance of your lawn, but they also cause other problems, they steal the nutrients that your lawn needs in order to grow healthy, green, and full.


For broadleaf weeds to thrive, they require potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. Each of these nutrients comes from the soil. As the weather warms up and broadleaf weeds begin to appear, they take away vital nutrients from your plants and grass, making it more difficult for your lawn to thrive.

Weeds grow more rapidly than your grass and plants, and because of this, they are quick to soak up the nutrients from the soil before your lawn can, leaving a nutrient imbalance in your soil.

Think about the weeds that you notice most often in the spring. When you mow you have only a short period of time where they are not popping up again in your lawn. This is because these roots are already established, so even when you cut them off above ground, they will continue to sprout up time and time again.


We know that sunlight helps plants grow and process the nutrients they need to continue to survive. When broadleaf weeds start to pop up in your lawn, they aren’t just stealing the nutrients your lawn needs, they are also competing for sunlight.

As weeds continue to grow, their growth helps cast a shade over other parts of your lawn – these plants that are now shaded, suffer from getting the sunlight they need to need to survive. When this happens, the weeds will only continue to grow and thrive in your lawn.

No Space To Grow

By stealing sunlight and shading your other plants, weeds grow rapidly and encroach onto your lawn, resulting in little room for grass to flourish. Not only are they competing for space, but they disrupt your lawn’s health.

Some broadleaf weeds grow so fast that before you have time to stop the few that have popped up, they can cause lawn growth to stop in that area altogether.

How To Stop The Nutrient-Stealing Thief

Not only are broadleaf weeds unpleasant to look at, but they are also stealing nutrients your grass needs to thrive…so how do you stop them?

There are a few ways you can go about treating broadleaf weeds. The first thing you could do is pull the weeds by hand if there are only a few of them. This works best for weeds that are younger because their roots are weaker and less stubborn compared to mature weeds.

Another way you can treat broadleaf weeds is by applying a selective postemergence herbicide. This is designed to cause harm to the broadleaf weeds without causing harm to any other areas of your lawn. This product may need multiple applications, especially if they are older and more stubborn.

Treating those unwanted weeds in your lawn can make a night and day difference to your lawn’s appearance. Don’t wait for broadleaf weeds to take over, our team at Lawn Squad can help.


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