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Lawn Surface Insect Control

Superior Lawn Insect Defense in Central Georgia

Pests like billbugs, chinch bugs, ants, fleas, and ticks can harm your lawn's health and hamper your enjoyment of your yard. Lawn Squad's Lawn Surface Insect Control services in Central Georgia provide top-tier protection against these detrimental insects. Our team of professionals are committed to preserving the beauty and health of your lawn by efficiently controlling these unwelcome lawn surface pests.

Understanding the Need for Surface Insect Control

Certain surface insects pose a serious threat to lawns in Central Georgia, potentially transforming healthy grass into their feeding territory. Lawn Squad's insect control services are specifically designed to address these pests, playing a crucial role in maintaining both the health and visual appeal of your lawn.

Family-Friendly Pest Defense in Central Georgia

Central Georgia’s diverse insect population, including the prevalent Lone Star Tick, can be a concern for your family and pets. These insects, often found in local areas, are known for targeting unsuspecting hosts. While standard insect repellents offer a degree of protection, Lawn Squad's Surface Insect Control elevates your defense strategy.  


What to expect:

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    Comprehensive Evaluation: Our skilled professionals start with an in-depth inspection to pinpoint the exact insect issues affecting your lawn.

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    Precise Application: Based on our findings, we administer targeted treatments aimed at the specific pests detected, focusing on their favored areas within your lawn.

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    Ongoing Care: Our service extends beyond a single treatment. We commit to regular monitoring and maintenance of your lawn to bolster its defense against future pest infestations.

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