Aurora Lawn Surface Insect Control Services

Lawn Surface Insect Control

Premium Lawn Pest Protection in the Aurora Area  

Lawn insect pests can compromise the health and beauty of your outdoor space. Lawn Squad's Lawn Surface Insect Control services in Aurora offer premium protection against these invaders including billbugs, chinch bugs, ants, fleas, and ticks. Our team is dedicated to maintaining your lawn's integrity by effectively managing nuisance lawn surface insects.

The Importance of Surface Insect Control

Some lawn surface insects  can wreak havoc on your Aurora area lawn turning your grass into a feeding ground. Lawn Squad's insect control services target these pests, helping to preserve the health and appearance of your lawn .

Protection That's Family Approved

Aurora and it's surrounding communities are home to a variety of bothersome insects that could pose a risk to your family and pets. The Black-Legged Tick, in particular, thrives in some of our local areas, waiting for a chance to latch onto an unwilling host. While traditional insect sprays provide some protection for your family and pets, Lawn Squad's Surface Insect Control can help you take your defense to the next level. We understand the importance of keeping your family and pets safe while effectively controlling lawn pests.


Here's How It's Done!

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    Thorough Inspection: Our experts begin with a detailed assessment to identify specific insect problems in your lawn.

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    Targeted Treatment: We apply treatments focused on the specific pests identified, targeting the areas in your lawn they are most likely to inhabit.

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    Regular Maintenance: Our commitment doesn't end with one treatment. We will continue to monitor your lawn, helping strengthen its resilience against pest invasions.

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