Aeration & Overseeding

Revitalize Your Lawn With Aeration

Rejuvenate your lawn with Lawn Squad's professional aeration services in the Aurora area. Aeration is key to allowing your lawn to breathe, absorb nutrients, and grow more robustly. Our team employs techniques that help ensure your grass gets the essential elements it needs to flourish.

Denser Turf starts with Aeration, Overseeding, and Fertilizer   

Aeration and overseeding are a powerful combination for lawn care. The aeration process creates tiny holes in your lawn, opening up the soil to help enhance water, nutrient , and air penetration. Adding overseeding and a starter fertilizer with aeration takes advantage of the open soil, promoting denser grass growth and a more vibrant lawn. Together, these services help transform your lawn, making it healthier and more resilient.


Core Aeration Vs. Dethatching

Say goodbye to the traditional dethatching approach. This technique can potentially damage the grass plant's crown, which may result in more dead grass. Why do we recommend core aeration instead? Because core aeration gently eliminates thatch but also helps create an environment for organic matter to decompose.


What are the potential benefits of aeration? Here are just a few:

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    Improved Soil Health: Aeration helps enhance the soil structure, allowing your lawn to absorb more nutrients and water.

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    Helps Stimulate Root Growth: Root systems love the newly formed air pockets that can help them grow in search of nutrients and water.

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    Enhanced Fertilizer Absorption: Aerated soil helps allow fertilizer to penetrate deeper, helping to improve its effectiveness.

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    Gentle Dethatching: Say goodbye to thatch without harming your lawn's grass crowns.

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